This website serves as our connection to the world.  As we have immersed ourselves in as many different educational environments as we could, the absence of a web presence has limited our ability to expand and share our ideas and teaching methods with as many educators and families as possible.  We feel a responsibility to share with as many people as possible the potentially life-changing knowledge and methods we have developed through our years of experience.


Who are we?

We are educators who have noticed that while the abilities and needs of students don’t fit into any box, our educational system, delivery of Speech and Language services, Occupational Therapy, IEP writing, and behavior strategies come from one size fits all packages.  In particular, students with Autism are not served at their potential.  All too often, these students are not educated at their level due to inadequate knowledge of how to support their progress.  We believe that the way children and adults with differences are educated needs to change so that they have the best chance to offer as much as they can to society.  We waste countless hours on traditional teaching methods when we know those methods have not been working.  We have to educate ourselves before we educate others.  We are here to make meaningful suggestions that will help bring your child to his/her maximum learning capacity.


Jenna Sleichter M.A. B.C.B.A. 


Jenna is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who currently works as an Autism Specialist for a well-known school district in Southern California. She is also a part-time Lecturer at San Diego State University, where she educates college students in the area of behavior, autism, and evidence-based practices.  In her work, she supervises credentialed teachers as well as students in pursuit of education degrees and Behavior Analyst certification.  Jenna was a classroom teacher for 7 years in a Moderate-Severe Program for K-8 students and has worked with students with autism both privately and in various Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) companies.  She has developed programs overseas for students with autism and is the creator of a curriculum that makes conversation predictable and reinforcing for individuals with autism.  During her years in education, she has worked with various IEP teams to design and advocate for the best education for hundreds of students.