We feel a responsibility to share with as many people as possible
the potentially life-changing knowledge and methods we have developed through our years of experience.  

Who We Are

We are educators who have noticed that while the abilities and needs of students don’t fit into any box, our educational system, delivery of Speech and Language services, Occupational Therapy, IEP writing, and behavior strategies come from one size fits all packages.



What We Do

Sometimes a new and trained set of eyes makes all the difference.  We offer consultation and teaching curriculum to teach you how to instruct a select group of students with autism and are in the process of developing apps in conjunction with our teaching packets.


Take a Look

We have several videos demonstrating how we work with students.

We can work directly with the child or help educators and parents to learn how to teach children with Autism, ADD, OD, ADHD, ED and more. Take a look.